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We have been serving the country of Israel for many years helping with under-privileged families and children, Holocaust survivors, victims of terror and under-privileged soldiers.  October 7th saw one of the most horrific events in Israeli history.  The State of Israel has been devastated by the mortifying events that took place, targeting innocent children, families, youth and the elderly.  Please unite with us to help the people of Israel in need at such a critical time. Together, we can impact Israel and help those in dire need.  

There are urgent needs for the thousands of people who have been and are being evacuated from their homes in the south.  Many have lost loved ones and witnessed horrors.  They left without anything but the clothes on their backs.  We have an urgent need for clothing, blankets, basic supplies, toys and much more.  In the near future, we will have to help them rebuild and relocate.  We need to stand with the people of the south.  Most suffer from extreme PTSD and will need love and care to get them through these tough days.   
The IDF troops and reserves in the south and north of the country are courageously fighting this battle against terror.  With temperatures cooling, there is a desperate need for warm winter clothing, camel bags, underclothes, toiletries and much needed supplies. 
Israel needs us now more than ever!  We urge you to donate now so our devastated civilians and courageous troops can have all that they need.  Donate on the link below:

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